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Earth Resonance® is the best choice
for a safe micro-dosing experience. 

Earth Resonance originates from a country where harvesting Scletoria is seen as a profession of the highest standards. Therefor we know precisely the differences between each strain. In this difference lays the foundation of our brand.

We believe in plant medicine and the different kind of character they have. Earth provides it's own recipe to each strain, they all have a different kind of function.

Our strain is grown, harvest and analysed by the highest qualities of our Dutch standards. The farmers sow the grounds every day with love and compassion and deliver  the best plant medicine earth can provide 

We Believe In Medicine From The Earth,
Not From A Lab.




Activating our self healing ability to transform your life


Reconnecting the Human Body to the Earth's Electro-Magnetic field


Expanding our consciousness and lift as One to higher frequencies